The Shultz Family: Alpert- Beller-Epstein-Shultz

The Shultz Brothers -- Nat, Abe, Izzy, Morris, and Bernie -- used to own and run Standard Paper Corp., across the street from where Harold worked for NYC for 32 years. Here's Izzy at work at the factory, where Pace University is now.

My own name isn’t my name. Shultz – not my name! My father was 12 years old when he came over here. He worked on the deck of a ship that came from the Ukraine. And somebody at Ellis Island tells him “Shultz, now that’s a good American name.” Shultz. . .So Shultz, that’s also my name. Names are fluid things. And people are fluid things. And nations too. And years too.” - from Roosevelt Island by Rajiv Joseph, as performed by Alvin Epstein, filmed by Hal Hartley in My America

The Alpert-Epstein-Shultz family is related through Harold's paternal grandfather, and The Bellers through his paternal grandmother. He has computerized and updated the genealogical research conducted by Belle Sewelson and Eddie Tanenbaum, and we’re following up on the much more completist research of Emil Schafer, which we hope to integrate with his archive, courtesy of his daughters. We encourage family members to keep connected on our FaceBook Family Group. Cousings: to get a copy of the ship manifest that includes Harold's grandmother Zelda Beller Shultz coming to the U.S. in 1901 with her mother Bella Beller and her young sons Nehemia (Nat) (Nat Shultz’s namesake) and Abraham (Avi Shultz’s namesake) or to contribute information or to get a copy of the tree, contact him at

Here's some Shultz cousins' activities and connections to their websites – please let us know of more links and news:

Boaz Levy works at International Lease Finance Corp..

Maxine Levy is an executive at Bank Hapoalim in New York.

Frank Rich (a Beller) now writes a column for New York Magazine and is a producer of the Emmy-winning series Veep.

Simon Rich (a Beller) is a book and TV writer, including creating the comedy series Man Seeking Woman.

Emil Schafer had a letter to the editor in the August 28th, 2003 Los Angeles Times:
Re "Attack on U.N. Will Fuel the Suffering of Middle East," Commentary, Aug. 24: Bouthaina Shaaban suggests that, with the killing of the United Nations chief envoy to Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello, in Baghdad, the region has lost a champion of peace and caused the suffering of the Middle East to increase, yet she forgets that her country, Syria, has been in a state of war with its neighbor Israel since 1948. Israel was created by the decision of the members of the U.N. to partition the British mandate of Palestine into two areas, due to the conflicting claims of Muslims and Jews. Syria, together with other Arab countries, immediately attacked the decision of the U.N. and attempted to destroy the nascent state of Israel. Shaaban says that the "inferno in the Middle East could easily spread because of the injustices to which [Arabs or Muslims] are subjected and because of using power instead of understanding and resolve to deal with murky issues." Which injustices?
Syria and other Arab countries have used power and war to try to achieve their goal: the destruction of a state created by a vote of the U.N. They have attacked this U.N.-created country constantly since its creation. Where is the "understanding" to which she refers? Where is the Arab desire for peace? Regardless of cease-fires, barely observed treaties, etc., peace will come between Jews and Muslims only when the Muslims decide to live in peace with Israel.

Dave Sewelson (an Alpert) is a musician. Here's what The New York Times said about his jazz band The Daves on December 23, 2005: At "FREEDOMLAND (Thursday) Boisterous, unscripted improvisation is the lingua franca of this collective, with the percussionist Dee Pop, the multi-reedist Daniel Carter, the saxophonist Dave Sewelson and the bassists William Parker and David Hofstra; a preceding set, at 8 p.m., will feature a trio led by the restless violinist Billy Bang. 10 p.m., Jimmy's Restaurant" (Chinen)

Avi, Ben and Harold Shultz are updated at Mandel/Shultz Maven's Nest.

Drs. David and Mitchell Shultz are opthamologists.

Carl Weinberg (a Beller through his mom) is an internationally quoted economist from his High Frequency Economics newsletter.

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