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Harold M. Shultz, Esq., [photo by Marc Fader for City Limits] retired after achieving the goal of the Metropolitan Leadership Program we both matriculated at the former Bronx campus of NYU.

He is on the Boards of Zone A New York and Neighborhood Restore HDFC.

Now heading Benavi Advisors LLC on affordable housing issues and a Consultant for the Citizens Housing and Planning Council, where as a Senior Fellow he authored:
J-51: To Be Continued?
The Impact of Multifamily Foreclosures and Over-Mortgaging in Neighborhoods in New York City
Out of Sight, Out of Control takes a detailed look at the housing policy circumstances around a deadly fire on 4/23/2011 at a three-family house in the Bronx. (In The New York Times 4/28/2011 he was quoted: "We need to make sure, in general, that foreclosure is a process in which properties are watched over and don’t get lost in the shuffle.”)
The Invisible Transformation: Turning Debt into Revenue about the impact of In Rem foreclosure and the Third Party Transfer Program on tax lien securitization in New York City (co-author)
Fallout from Roberts vs. Tishman (but it was in The New York Times 5/27/2010 where his commentary was: "This is the ultimate case about rich people with problems that I’m not sure we should care about.")
Debt Threat: Saving Multifamily Rental Housing from Zombie Mortgages and the follow-up Riverton Apartments Sold at Auction
Starrett City: Paradise Lost?
Court Rules Stuyvesant Town Owners Can Exempt Apartments from Rent Stabilization Despite J-51 Tax Benefits, Stuy Town J-51 Decision Reversed and Court of Appeals Delivers Final Word on Stuy Town.
Prevailing Wisdom: The Potential Impact of Prevailing Wages on Subsidized Housing
EPA’s New Layer of Lead Based Paint Rules and and New Federal Lead Rule Around the Corner
Liquid Assets on water and sewer financing.

- from 1913 brochure, 2nd edition

During the Pandemic of 2020-2021, Nora and Harold walked our Morning Constitutional through the adjacent historic district, the distinct architect-designed community. Nora got obsessed researching its first settlers of 1912 - 1922. From posting almost daily findings, with photographic documentation, on her FaceBook Newsfeed, she presented a Zoom talk on “The Early Jews of Forest Hills Gardens” for Forest Hills Jewish Center Adult Education: available are the Audio and Video.
Since this presentation on March 2, 2021, her subsequent findings add more supporting details to her points.

Ben and his wife appeal for the U.S. Department of Justice: he with the Civil Division Appellate. A sample: here he argued DOJ’s amicus brief in Ministry of Defense v. Frym, in the 9th Circuit Court in Pasadena, and for the Department of Transportation in Southwest Airlines Co. v. DOT on 2/12/2016 in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. She with the Environment and Natural Resources Division.

The grandchildren are:
RAVI (Yitzhak Raviv) - Reflecting his heritage, "Ravi" means "sun" in Hindi and Sanskrit, and is also a nickname for the Hebrew name “Raviv”, which means "rain". The root of "Rav" for “rabbi” or "teacher", together with the Hebrew for “Isaac”, is also in honor of his great-grandfathers/educators Isadore and Irwin.

His brother RAM’s name (rhymes with Mom) also reflects his Jewish and Indian heritage. His father posed the wriggler at 4 ½ months scrunching up his “I Love My GGs” onesie for both his Great-Grandmothers (l) Shirley Shultz and Charlotte Mandel at Eppes Essen, a traditional environment to meet.

Ravi was anticipated with the poems ”Light’s Music” (scroll down) and “Great-Grandchild To Be” by his great-grandmother, poet Charlotte Mandel. We joined her to kvell when she received the Brooklyn College Lifetime Achievement Award at her 75th Brooklyn College Class of 1944 Reunion in 2019:

Her chapbook Light’s Music (Blue Lyra Press Delphi Series VIII, 2020) includes her birthday poems “A Sequence for Ravi”. She explains: “Couplets are clearly 2 line stanzas; triplets are 3 line stanzas; quatrains are 4 line stanzas.”:
“To a Great-Grandchild Just Born…in the 18th year of the 2nd millennium (27 Av 5778)”
”Couplets for a Two Year Old”
”Fanfare for a Three Year Old”
”Quatrains for a Four Year Old”

She also dedicated: “A Blessing Via Skype” for Ravi, age nearly year and a half, and at 3 years old he was referenced in “rimas dissolutas” in “Of Clocks and Love”, available in the Diane Lockward-edited anthology A Constellation of Kisses, who commented: “A delightful poem that combines love for her great-grandson with technology."

“GG” continues to compose birthday poems for him:
“Cinquains for a Five Year Old”, in strict form
“Sestina For Ravi at Six”, a complex, thirty-nine-line poem featuring the intricate repetition of end-words in six stanzas and an envoi/tornada.
”Seven Lines for Ravi” and “Ram is Three”, with the lines in triplets.

For her 90th birthday, Ravi sported a special onesie: (front) “My GG's a poet/and I'm proud to show it" and (back) "Congrats GG on 90 wonderful years".

Avi, PhD, is Program Manager of the Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) team at the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO). He described the program to Design News. To Federal Radio News and Green Tech Media, he was interviewed about a new effort to find low-cost solar desalination solutions.

At Thanksgiving 2018, he married Michelle Weinberger, witnessed by four generations of both families, at what seemed like the United Nations of Love.

Nora continues to do family research, past and present, on all our branches:
Harold’s maternal PHAIR Family Circle and paternal Shultz/Alpert/Beller/Epstein Families
Nora’s paternal Bass/Blankstein/Aronowitz and Mandel/Brody (focusing on the descendants of the six Mandel siblings: Abraham, Herman, Sadie, Harry, Samuel, and Benjamin); and maternal Steckel and Lifschutz/Lipschutz branches.
Here’s her maternal grandfather Louis Lifschutz’s memories that he wrote up for the Bierman Home newsletter, a senior citizen residence where he lived happily for many retirement years in Montclair, NJ until his hundredth year.

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