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Reel Life--Flicks Pix: Nora Lee Mandel's Reviews with Annual Best Of the Years and Recommendations for
Chick Flicks; Hurrah for Grown-ups: Movies For the Middle-Aged At Heart; Movies as Medicine: Masterpiece Theater; For the Music (or Dancing) ; New York New York: It's A Helluva Town; Ogling Teens and 20Somethings; Noir Night Out; Popcorn Eaters; Romeo and Juliet Across the Ethnic Divide; Sci Fi and Fantasy: From A Distaff POV; And then there's Russell Crowe: The Movies (and more)

Television: Remote Patrol: Nora Lee Mandel's Reviews and Commentary as
Quality Television; The Hall of Dames; The Hunk-o-Meter: Televisa Para Planchar; and, The Wire: Best Novel on TV: Episode & Music Guide and Posthumous References & Appreciations

Lilith Watch: Critical Guide to Jewish Women on TV, in Movies, and in Pop Music Nora Lee Mandel's Reviews and Commentary

The World Trade Center In Memoriam In Sight and In Sound: From New Yorkers' POV Nora Lee Mandel's Reviews and Commentary on the Interpretation of 9/11 in Photography, Poetry, Movies, TV Fiction, Song, and Literature -- and now the rebuilding and the wars being fought in our name.

Not Just Listening: Guide to Radio and Music Nora Lee Mandel's Reviews and Commentary
And then there's Russell Crowe: The Music (with commentaries on TOFOG)

Fiction Book Club: Annotated Contemporary Fiction Reading List

History Reading Group: Annotated Urban/Ethnic/Women's History Reading List

Mandel & PHAIR & Shultz Families:
The Grandfather of Spit- Memorial Tribute to Dr. Irwin D. Mandel: "The General of the Salivation Army." Plus "The Image of Dentists In Contemporary Culture" (with Nora Lee Mandel's TV, movie, and music, etc., additions)

Mandel/Shultz Family Branch

PHAIR Family Circle Here's the history of our extended Cousins' Club, with the namesakes added who carry memories from the past to the present. Plus the reports of our recent meetings and links to our cousins' activities.

Alpert-Epstein-Shultz and Beller Families with links to our cousins' activities.

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